Thursday, March 16, 2017

Go Wild with Animal Print Twills!

Hello everyone!  Looks like Spring has arrived here in the Rocky Mountain area and I'm ready for a visit to the zoo!

I have always been an avid recycler and I like to save beautiful images of animals from magazines instead of just throwing them in the recycling bin when I am done reading the magazine.   Now what do I do with them?  Creative Impressions has some beautiful Animal Print Twills which I knew would coordinate beautifully with my photos, so I decided to make some cards with them.

I started off by adhering the images to card stock for added strength.  Then I set to work making a variety of cards.

I was pretty happy with the basic cards, but they just needed something to make them pop!  Here is the before giraffe card I made with the sentiment "What's Up in Your Neck of the Woods?"

This card is cute, but just doesn't "pop".  Now let's add some Creative Impressions Giraffe Print Twill:

What a difference!  I am happy with the card now.

Now to create a card with a zebra.  I made a joy fold card:

Now the inside of the card:

Again, the card is a bit plain.  Here it is with the addition of the Zebra Print Twill, two Primary Metal Rounds and a black Mini Round.

Now the card is more interesting.

Finally, I made another joy fold card using a cheetah on the front.  Sorry I forgot to take a before picture.  I really love what the Cheetah Print Twill did for this card!

 I know all you animal lovers will tell me one image is a leopard and one is a cheetah....I love mixing them up and the twill goes well with both animals!

Next time you see some lovely images of wild animals in a magazine, don't throw them in the recycling bin!  Cut them out, adhere to card stock, make a lovely card and add some Creative Impressions Animal Print Twills!  Beautiful!

Happy crafting!